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Compact microscope for measurement and observation of precision parts.ISIscop®50 contains:-   -   -  
  • Angle- measurement
  • Calibrated graticule for all zoom levels
  • Integrated LED-light with choice of color and intensity regulation
  • Integrated image capture
  • More optional functionalities
OpticAachromatic optic without moving elements for a three level Zoom without interpolation for a theoretical field of view of: 
  • ZOOM 15x         0.276''x0.366''(~0.00022''/px) [7.0x9.3mm (~5.6µm/px)]
  • ZOOM 30x         0.138''x0.183''(~0.00011''/px) [3.5x4.7mm (~2.8µm/px)
  • ZOOM 60x         0.069''x0.091''(~0.00005''/px) [1.8x2.3mm (~1.4µm/px)

Integrated 15’’ screen with flexible attachment for a ergonomic lateral or frontal use of the microscope-

 Intuitive and industrial Human-Machine Interface thanks to ISOMA-Button


Base of Granite for stability and precision, allows a vertical displacement up to 1.96''(50mm)


coordinate table
  • Including a  with
    • precision roller bearing rails and measuring range of 1.96x1.96''(50x50mm)
    • Integrated LED-light with choice of color and intensity regulation
    • Digital scale with a measuring length 1.96''(50mm) each, resolution 140nm, complete encapsulate and integrated for the X-Y coordinate measurement with reading 0,001mm(0.00004'')
    • Isostatic fixation for holders and tools
General:- Dimensions 8.7x18.5x16.9''(220x470x430mm)
- power supply 110-230V AC, 8-4A
- Weight 39.7lbs(18kg)





The Isoma-Button is the only interface to navigate through the menus in the ISIscope(R) . The 360° rotation allows an easy(ISI) , intuitive(ISI)  and fast possibility to select the functionalities in the menu. The push function of the button allows the activation of the functions.



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