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Digital high-resolution Centering microscope


Digital Centering microscope for a high-resolution image and perfect recognition of all details.

real image graticule with continuous cross lines,

field of view XX,mm

working distance YYmm ,


Isoma-Button for angular and cercle measurement. Simple operation with the ISOMA control button



steel tube Ø25adapter flange with guiding porter Ø10mm and adaption thread M6

Interface output cable HDMI and power supply by USB-C 5V min.3A. For FULL-HD screen of choice

Productname Digital MINIscope




M1152 and Digital MINIscope
M215 with digital MINIscope
cuttig edge with digital MINIscope
platine digital MINIscope
PCD -tip radius digital MINIscope
M102 digital MINIscope retrofit
retrofit M213 digital MINIscope
centering Schäublin digital MINIscope
xeiro ag